About Me

Travel changed my life! Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, I always dreamt that someday, I would have the freedom to travel the world. My dream finally came true when I took off on a 9 month backpacking trip, from Thailand to Sweden, back in 2010. This trip completely changed my life forever.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam, 2010

Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Giza Pyramids, Egypt, 2010

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

How Travel Changed My Life

Up to this point, I was still bought into societies 40/40/40 plan. Go to school, get good grades, find a “so called” secure job, work 40 hours a week, for 40 years and then retire on a 40% pension, after the majority of our life has passed us by. After experiencing the complete freedom that world travel provides, this plan didn’t seem very appealing to me any longer. 

I decided that I wanted to make long term travel part of my life, for the rest of my life. I realized that for me to have the lifestyle that I really wanted, I would have to do something different. I decided to start living way outside my comfort zone and I become an entrepreneur.

Creating A Travel Lifestyle

Over the next few years, I was able to create the life that I thought I always wanted. I had a business, making more money than I needed. I was healthy and had an amazing network of people in my life. I had an abundance of time freedom and was able to travel the world every year.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2012

Utila, Honduras

Utila, Honduras, 2012

Apo Reef, Philippines

Apo Reef, Philippines, 2014

My Next Big Lesson

However, I still did not feel completely fulfilled. I learned that money and success in business is not everything and does not necessarily lead to lasting happiness, on its own. It’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Stepping back and looking at my life, I realized that I was surrounded by absolutely amazing people, but I didn’t have deep, meaningful relationships. I realized that I loved my life, but I still didn’t fully love and accept myself. I was spending my life constantly trying to prove my worth. I was living in my head, instead of from my heart.

My Focus Shifts

That’s when my focus shifted. Where all my focus was once on business and health in the past, I now started working on the other parts of my life. Relationships and spirituality.

This leads me to today.  I continue to travel the world on a journey of self discovery and life transformation, working on becoming a better person each and every day, in all areas of my life.

Neko Harbour, Antarctica

Reflecting on life in Antarctica

Buenos Aires - Kids

Learning how much I love kids in Buenos Aires

Machu Picchu

Bonding with my father at Machu Picchu

Why Travel Transforms Me?

I have been immersed in personal development for the majority of my adult life. Whether through reading books, listening to audio trainings, attending seminars, running a business or learning from mentors, I have been on a continuous life long journey of self improvement.

Along the way, I discovered another very powerful tool that can be used to create positive changes in our lives. This tool is called travel. Travel is one of the best tools I know of, for self discovery and life transformation, if one chooses to use it as such.

“Travel Is Not Reward For Working, It’s Education For Living”

I found that some of my trips completely change my life, while with others, I would return home and feel like I didn’t change at all. In both cases, I always had a great time. I figure that if I am going to have fun either way, I might as well make positive changes in my life at the same time.

I am currently building a system to maximize the use of travel as an intentional tool for personal growth. I plan on writing a book and sharing this system with the world. This blog is the first step along this path.

My Philosophy

Society tells us that we have to choose. I say we don’t. I say we can have it all. We can be successful in our careers, be healthy, spiritual and have a life full of loving relationships all at the same time.

I want to make millions of dollars in business, doing what I love and making a positive difference in the world. I also want to be healthy and spiritual. I want to be the best husband, father, son, brother and friend I can possible be. I want to live a life full of travel and adventure. Why not? Why should we have to choose?

My Mission

My mission on this earth is to help and inspire people all around the world to overcome mediocrity and to turn their dreams into reality. To inspire people to live with an open heart and to share their gifts with the world.

I truly believe that we all have a message and a gift to share and that we add to the suffering on our planet when we play small and don’t share it. When we all begin to let our light shine, together we can start to lift the darkness from this world.

This is why I’m here. This is why I write. This is why I travel. I travel with the intention of becoming the person I need to be, to fulfill this mission and leave this planet a better place than how I found it.

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