Intentions and Travel Plans

Here is my first blog post. I know I’m a bit late on this, but better late than never!

In case you don’t know, I’ve closed down my business, ended the lease on my apartment, sold my car, discarded the majority of my material possessions and I have taken off on a 9 month backpacking trip around South America!

While I’m off having the time of my life, I’m going to be using this blog to share my travel stories, so that friends and family can follow along with my journey. That being said, I don’t plan on just writing about my travels and I hope to continue writing after I return home.

Besides travel I am also very passionate about lifestyle entrepreneurship and personal development, so I may throw in some posts that relate to these other passions from time to time. This blog is more for me to practice self expression and reflection more than anything else and I will basically write about whatever I feel like writing about.

My life mission is to inspire and help people all around the world to overcome mediocrity and to turn their dreams into reality. I want my blogs theme to align with this.


I am a strong believer in setting intentions for everything that I do, so that is what I am going to do now for my trip.

Intentions of my South America 2015 Trip:

  • To gain complete clarity on what I want to do next when I return home 9 months from now. To figure out what my next steps are that will align with my life mission and will move me toward my long-term vision.
  • To become Fluent in Spanish
  • To become skilled in dancing Salsa
  • To integrate the habit of daily meditation and make progress in my spiritual development
  • To learn how to open up, be vulnerable and develop deep, meaningful relationships
  • To find the balance between confidence and humility
  • To spend at least 2 weeks volunteering
  • To develop a more selfless and outward focused attitude
  • To live outside my comfort zone
  • To take time for deep reflection and introspection
  • To live stress free
  • To improve my storytelling ability
  • To break through limiting beliefs and social programming that does not serve me
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • To make countless new lifelong friends
  • To stay safe and have lots of fun!
  • For everyone that I love and care about, back home and around the world, to be healthy and happy and have an amazing year while I am traveling.


Here is a brief outline of what I have to look forward to this year…

My Very Tentative Travel Itinerary:

  • January – Patagonia with Shaun
  • February 5-15 – Antarctica
  • February 18 – March 1 – Vipassana 10-Day Meditation Retreat
  • March – Mid April – Live in Buenos Aires taking full time Spanish Lessons
  • April – Mid May – Backpack through Bolivia and Southern Peru
  • May 11 – May 26 – Ayahuasca and Huachuma Mesada Retreat in Iquitos
  • June – Travel with my Dad (Machu Pichu, Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands)
  • July – Sept 24 – Columbia and Panama (Volunteer at some point during this time)
  • Sept 24 – Fly home to attend PSI Principia Seminar in San Francisco

I don’t usually actually follow my travel plans when I backpack, but this is the best guess at an itinerary that I have at the moment.

That’s all for now. I hope to start posting about my travels soon!

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A day in Buenos Aires: The journey begins


  1. Angela says

    Jared, you have a knack for writing. I enjoyed your first blog and look forward to reading more. Stay safe and enjoy every moment. Hugs….

  2. Havovie says

    great first blog! just went to Galapagos! You should plan ahead on that one… Let me know if you want any info/recommendations! Did you know National Geographic has a new ship in the area?
    Also – Surprised you are not throwing in Easter Island! #moai

    • says

      Hey! So you are down in South America right now as well? How much longer are you down here? I’m actually doing the Galapagos with my Dad, so we have everything pre- booked. We are doing an 8 day cruise and then I’m going to stay and do some island hopping and diving after my Dad goes home.

      I might go to Easter Island. I REALLY wanted to go to Antarctica and Galapagos, so I didn’t have a problem paying. But Easter Island is not really calling to me, so I’m not sure if I want to spend a bunch of extra money to go there. Maybe I just don’t know enough about them.

      Anyways, have a great trip!

  3. says

    What a wonderful text man. Wish we had spent more time talking about meditation, personal growth and the changes in our lifes throughout our trips. The internal trip is taking me far away such as the physical one, hahahaha.
    Me and Bruna are part of a group back in Brazil that do Ayahuasca rituals. I have a lot of good music here that we use on those rituals, I`ll get a time, organize them and I`ll send some to you.
    Cya for now, enjoy every second of your trip.
    Diego and Bruna.

    • says

      Hey man! Ya that’s too bad! That’s awesome. I’ve never tried Ayahuasca yet, but I’m really excited. I just finished up my Vipassana retreat and it was amazing. I’d love that if you get a chance to send the music over. It was really great to meet you. Hopefully our paths cross again. Take care!

  4. says

    Jared, This is Nathan, your cousin. I spoke with your dad the other day at dinner and so impressed with your travel plans. I don’t think you know that I am a food and travel journalist ( and write for various publications. You will love Buenos Aires but be careful as there are pick pockets everywhere especially now that their economy has tanked. The Sunday antiques market is incredible but just beware of the crowds. I hope to get down to Lima and Machu Pichu within the next couple of years. The food in Lima I hear is outstanding with much Japanese influences. Argentina, try all the difference empanadas…if you get a chance head to wine country in Mendoza and to the stunning Baroque city of Salta, below the Andes. The drive from Salta to Cafayate is stunning, a red canyon valley. Lots of Argentiana Paparilla BBQ with spicy chimichurri sauce. They tent to over cook their meat to medium. If you go to an authentic one, be prepared to be served kidneys, sweetbreads, besides ribs, steak, chicken, goat, lamb…
    If you need any info, feel free to contact me. I’ll see what I can find from friends on Lima…
    Safe travels.

    • says

      Hey Nathan! I actually did not know that. It sounds really cool though. So do you get to do a lot of traveling as well? I’m just finally getting settled into Buenos Aires. I move into my apartment in Palermo on Sunday. I really love the city so far. I will probably stop by Mendoza on my way out of Argentina. I’ve made a lot of friends so far on my trip that live in Mendoza. I’m not sure if I’ll have time for Salta. I’ll let you know if I need any advice. It was great to hear from you. Take care!

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