The Greatest Gift We Can Give: An Inspirational Story

It doesn’t take millions of dollars, a genius intelligence, or superstar talent to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t have to involve a large time commitment or personal sacrifice either.

I am going to share a true story from my life that demonstrates how each and every one of us has the ability to achieve what I believe to be one of our strongest human desires; making a difference. This is a tale about how one little thing can change everything.

Receiving The Gift

This story starts on a cold winter day. Wide-eyed and nervous, I sat in my car, on a snow covered street and waited for “him” to arrive. Fresh out of University, this was the first week of my life as an entrepreneur. The top franchisee in the company I had joined, had agreed to meet with me, to teach me a skill that terrified me at the time; sales.

He arrived in a pick up truck a few minutes later. It was time. My heart was pounding as I stepped out of my vehicle and walked out to meet the man who would become one of my foremost business mentors and one of my closest friends in the world. His name is Kit.

Kit by my side as I accept my Diamond Award

When I think back to what allowed me to accomplish the things that I did and become the person that I became in the process, a lot of it started with my relationship with Kit.

Up to this point in my life I had spent most of my childhood shy and socially awkward. I’d then spent my next 5 years getting drunk and partying every night in University. I had no business being in business, but he took me under his wing anyways, when he had no obligation to do so.

He saw something in me that I didn’t yet see in myself. When I didn’t believe I was a leader, he told me I was until I could believed it. When it seemed like my business or personal life was falling apart, he helped me realize that there is no problem that I can’t solve. Most importantly he taught me how to never stop having fun, while pursuing my goals.

He believed in me until I learned to believe in myself. That’s a gift that I am eternally grateful for.

Giving The Gift

Fast forward 6 months…

I found myself sitting across from an 18 year-old girl who was applying to work for me as a painter. She currently worked as a server at my favourite restaurant and that was her only real work experience. On paper she was not qualified for the job, but I saw something in her, that to me, is so much more important than work experience.

Perhaps I saw the same thing that Kit saw in me all those months before. I saw the potential of a champion. From the day that she first stepped on a job site, wide eyed and nervous, to the present day, I have had the privilege of watching her transform and unlock the potential that I always knew was inside her.

She soon became one of my superstar employees. I then promoted her to become my first manager and trained her to run the majority of my business. It was no longer my business, but our business.


At age 20 she moved on to start her own business and built the most successful business of any rookie Franchisee in the province. What’s crazy is that even though she had so much potential within her, it was a long road before she believed it herself.


Cleaning up at Awards Night

When I offered her the management position, it took her months to accept the job because she didn’t believe she could do it. Even after helping me build one of the most successful franchises in history and making more money in 5 months, at age 19, than many people make in twice that time, she doubted her ability to move on and start her own business.

But this whole time I believed in her. I believed in her until she started to believe in herself. I gave her responsibilities that she didn’t know she could handle. When she didn’t think she could do something I told her that I knew she could. She always had the work ethic, the values and the talent. She just needed a little bit of belief in order to transform her life.

Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Fast forward to the present…

One thing that I haven’t mention is that these two people that I have been writing about fell in love, along the way. These two beautiful people, who are so dear to my heart, also accomplished something remarkable this past week, which is what inspired me to write this post.


This past year they ran a business together, as partners, and just recently broke the record for the highest revenue Franchise in the history of the province. They broke the same record that I set last year.

A friend of mine mentioned that it’s too bad I only got to hold onto the record for one year, but I don’t see it that way at all. Records are meant to be broken and I am glad that it’s the man who mentored me and the woman who I had the pleasure of mentoring that are the ones to do it. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

The Greatest Gift

I mentioned in the beginning that this story was about the one thing that can change everything. I said that this one thing is all we need to make a positive difference in the lives of others and that superstar talent is not required. Have you guessed what that one thing is yet? Well if you haven’t, here it is… It’s belief.

In my opinion, believing in someone is the greatest gift that we can give to another human being and to this world. Kit’s willingness to believe in me allowed me to become the person that I am today. It’s scary to think about where I may be today if Kit and my other early mentors didn’t believe in me.

That’s all I did for Jenny as well. That’s all she needed. I don’t take credit for her success. The franchisee system provided the skill development. The person that she has become was already inside of her. I was just there to believe in her.

“The power of someone believing in you – that you CAN do it – can mentally and physically change your game.” – Bo Sanchez

That belief took an inexperienced 18 year old girl, who was working as a server, and transformed her into one of the most successful franchisees in the history of what I believe is one of the top entrepreneurial development programs on this planet. Think about how powerful that really is.

People used to always ask me what I did to grow my business the way that I did. The honest truth is that I had the largest business because I had the best people in my business. I had the most leaders. I always had an abundance of A-players. And the way I was able to accomplish this year in and year out was by believing in people. That’s it.

Share The Gift

This is a gift that we all have the ability to share and it’s a gift that this world could use a lot more of. By believing in another person, we create more of an impact than you may believe. This one, seemingly simple action sets off a chain of events that has no limit.

My mentors didn’t just change my life by mentoring and believing me. They helped me unlock my potential, which allowed me to go on and mentor and believe in others. And now the people who I believed in and mentored have gone on to make positive impacts in the lives of many more people. Really think about that. By having the courage and strength to believe in just one person, you could indirectly improve the lives of 1000’s.

I believe deep down to my core that we all have untapped potential within us. For some of us, it’s buried so deep inside that we don’t know it’s there. For others, we know it’s there but we are too afraid to embrace it. Sometimes all we need is one person to believe in us unconditionally to unlock it.

My Message To You

I am going to end with one last message. I want you to really hear this. If you take nothing else away from my writing I hope that you at least walk away with this. So come close and listen. Really feel this message.

I believe in you…

I know that there is limitless potential inside of you…

Your dreams are yours for the taking….

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